Emezzu handbag hardware specializes in supplying  hardware for the production of bags, shoes, clothing.
We deliver to end-users such as designers, small studios, small brands and consumers.

The combination of our exclusive range, excellent service, and contacts in the field have made us valued business partners of many professional designers and studios. 
We can also support you if you give training and education. Please get in touch to discuss your options.

Limited stock, customized orders

We don’t believe in large stocks. We prefer to supply exclusive, inspiring products, that help to make your design unique.
By keeping small stocks, we are always able to offer a current range of products with designs according to the latest trends and fashion. 

It occasionally happens that we no longer stock an item. If it is still available at our suppliers, we can order it for you.
But this is usually only possible for larger orders. Of course we can also find a special product for you that we don’t stock.

The terms and prices for such large or custom orders differ from those quoted in the shop.
Do you have any questions, or would you like to place a custom order? Please get in touch with us

Good to know:

• We do our utmost to deliver the products as soon as possible to you. However, our delivery times are an indication, not a guarantee.

• The prices of our suppliers’ resources can fluctuate sharply. This may occasionally result in a difference between
the quoted price and the actual price.

• The right of return may expire for commercial orders. Please verify the specific terms for your order.

• Orders are always delivered at one address. We aim to deliver your order in full. If this is impossible, we will make several deliveries
for your order as soon as the ordered products are available.


If you have a valid VAT number, we can invoice your commercial order at a 0% VAT rate.
To qualify you must enter your VAT number on the order and payment page.
Before shipping your order, we check the details entered by you for accuracy and validity.
Please make sure all details are correct. We cannot ship your order in case of incorrect details.
If you order and pay without entering your VAT number, we are obliged to charge you the Dutch VAT rate of 21%.
It is not possible to have this amount reimbursed at a later stage.
We are not liable for any taxes or other costs you may encounter.
Please check your local rules and regulations to review import tariffs in your country.
Please contact us, for more information or send an e-mail to info@emezzuhandbaghardware.com.

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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