Colkie Policy Emezzu handbag hardware 

Emezzu handbag hardware makes use of cookies in our webshop. Because we wish to guarantee your privacy ánd wish to improve user-friendliness of your visit(s) to our webshop,
we find it important that you know how and why we use cookies. In the following we will give you as much information as possible about the use of these techniques.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small, simple text files which are stored by your computer or mobile device when you visit or use our webshop.

Purpose of our cookies

Cookies are useful for you as well as for us. By using cookies you do not repeatedly have to enter the same information and you receive information which is tuned to your interests. We also use cookies to analyse the customer's actions on the website which helps us make the site more user friendly.
We also use marketing cookies which are tracking cookies that can follow you on the internet through your IP-address. We do not collect personal data through these cookies but we can show you our advertisements on websites of third parties, such as Facebook.

Third party cookies

Third party cookies are also placed through our webshop. The privacy and cookie policy of these third parties applies to the use of these cookies.

Kinds of cookies

On our website we make use of functional cookies, analytical cookies and (incidentally) marketing cookies.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies make sure our webshop functions correctly. For instance they make sure that you can log  into your account, making ordering a lot easier. Thanks to these cookies, articles that you have placed on your wishlist are saved or remembered. Functional cookies are also needed to keep up with the contents of your shopping cart and to calculate the correct amount due at the checkout.

Analytical cookies

Through our webshop third party analytical cookies are placed. These cookies provide us, among other things, with information on how often we are visited, which browser you use,
the resolution of the screen used, language preferences and your device. Thanks to this information we can keep making our webshop better.

Other collected information is for instance:

The IP-address, from what page you arrived at the webshop, when and for how long you visit or use the webshop. We also obtain information on whether you use functionalities of the webshop. Such as for instance the making of a wishlist or the placing of an order and which pages you visit in our webshop. 

Tracking cookies / Third parties Cookies / Marketing- and Advertisement-cookies

Through our website cookies are placed by CCV shop and by the American companies Google, Facebook and AddThis*. We make use of this service to keep track of and obtain reports on the way in which visitors use the website.

Incidentally we make use of media companies that use Google Adwords, Google Ads, Facebook-pixels , among other things, tracking cookiest. Marketing cookies make sure for instance that we can show you relevant advertisements on other websites. These cookies provide details on the amount of clicks on our advertisements and on whether a purchase is made through the advertisements.

Add this*
The webshop of Emezzu handbag hardware uses the services offered by AddThis which is an American company responsible for the social media buttons widget. AddThis stores a cookie in order to know which websites a user of the AddThis-service visits. We do not use this cookie to obtain information.

These processors are possibly mandatory on account of the law to allow access to this information. We did not allow the mentioned companies to use the obtained information for other services. The privacy and cookie policy of the company in question is in effect on the use of cookies by the afore mentioned company

How to enable, disable and remove cookies

In case you do not want to use cookies, we cannot guarantee that our webshop will work well. It's possible that some functions of the webshop will be lost or that you will not be able to see certain pages at all. You will find more information on enabling, disabling and removing cookies in the instructions and/or with the help of the Help function of your browser.


For our webshop to be able to function properly, we make use of Analytic cookies. Also we use Tracking cookies. These are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or telephone. You can decide whether you accept the creation of these cookies or not. This choice might have consequences. If you block our cookies, we cannot promise that our website will work at its best. Information concerning the cookies we use can be found on the bottom of the page "Cookie policy".
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