Serafil sewing thread In the German town of Bönnigheim, the company 'Amann & Böhringer' was founded in 1854 by Alois Amann and Immanuel Böhringer.
In 1879, the company built a great name and became a leader in the production of silk thread. After Immanuel Böhringer had left the company in 1882, both sons of Alois Amann took over and changed the name to 'Amann & Söhne'. Until his death in 1892, Alois Amann remained the sole owner of the now successful company. After the death of their father, Emil and Alfred Amann continued with the business. They realised early on that the market demand was changing and the precious silk was slowly being replaced by artificial silk. In 1917, Emil retired from the company and Alfred Amann became director.
In 1919, the company developed the Schappe silk from which thread is produced. In 1923, this new development was followed by the production of mercerised cotton. Both remain, to this day, typical production methods in sewing thread production.

The Amann group has now grown into an innovative worldwide leading producer of the best quality yarns. Many industries are supplied with the extensive array of products; from standard yarns to special high-tech yarns, many industries are supplied.


Serafil is the classic among sewing threads and has been around since 1955. This yarn is the most commonly used yarn for machine stitching of leather and is used for, among other things, making bags, shoes, belts and leather goods. The smooth, subtly shiny Polyester yarn is also popular with upholsterers and the leather goods industry. In addition, because of its appearance, the yarn (from width 40) is suitable as an embroidery thread.

Serafil yarn is available at Emezzu handbaghardware in 240 beautiful colours and in different widths, of which no. 20, no. 30, and no. 40 are the most used.
Amann, additionally, has many other well-known types of yarn. Think of elastic yarn for textiles and swimwear, fine yarn for lace and delicate fabrics, heavy-duty yarn for tarpaulins, boat covers, and so on. In short, a highly extensive collection is available for every application.

Emezzu handbaghardware supplies Serafil yarns in widths of 20, 30, and 40 at the lowest price, check our category Serafil sewing thread.
If the desired colour is not in stock, we will of course then be happy to order it for you. We are also happy to be of service if you are looking for other Amann products. Feel free to contact us for information without obligation by e-mail:
  Emezzu     15-07-2023 22:53     Comments ( 2 )
Comments (2)
 Emezzu -  15-05-2023

Hallo Marianne, Bedankt voor je leuke bericht en excuses voor onze late reactie. Het klopt dat Serafil de beste kwaliteit machinegaren levert, trouwens het Serabraid handgaren staat ook hoog aangeschreven vanwege de goede eigenschappen. Groet Team Emezzu

 Marianne -  22-02-2023

Hi Emezzu Serafil is inderdaad het beste garen wat er is. Ik wil jullie bedanken dat jullie het voor een normale en lage prijs verkopen. Ik betaalde altijd veel meer vroeger maar nu koop ik het bij jullie! Marianne